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composition contest

2nd edition 2017-2019
International contest for composition of educational music Piece for saxophone
With the new version into two years, the contest give more time :
  • to the composers to exchange upfront with saxophone teachers and students
  • to the saxophone, theoretical music classes... to build a project around this contest
The priority of this second edition is to propose to the class partner high pedagogic quality new music piece accessible from the first cycle and do not exceed the second cycle (6 years of practice)

we propose to support the composer participant to the contest to merge their artistic idea and pedagogic constraints that Helianthe contest wish to apply.

for more information consult the rule of the contest and all available documents for dowload

Composition contest

Hélianthe’s contest is a competition of pedagogic music composition for saxophone. The jury is the group of students from music school partner from France. there is several goals:

Making new talents emerge

  • Les compositeurs d’aujourd’hui joués par de jeunes musiciens
  • Deux prix descernés selon le vote des élèves, des professeurs et du public
  • Un prix du jury attribué par l’ensemble Hélianthe récompensant une oeuvre audacieuse

Promote the saxophone

  • Des œuvres nouvelles pour saxophone : oeuvres pédagogiques candidates et commandes aux compositeurs lauréats
  • Une sensibilisation des compositeurs aux multiples possibilités du saxophone

Meet the public

  • To offer the public an opportunity to hear new music creation, to discover the composers of tomorrow and meet with creative circles by recording and diffuse musical work to all partners.

Boosting artistic education

  • Un concours que chaque conservatoire peut s’approprier
  • Des élèves musiciens directement en contact avec la création musicale
  • Une occasion pour faire se rencontrer et échanger différents publics grâce à la thématique interdisciplinaire du concours

competition's Process

The Hélianthe composition contest will award three works for young saxophonists

Candidate composers will have until April 1st, 2018 to submit their composition.

the Jury composed by Hélianthe group member and recognize musical expert, will select the ten finalist composition. The selected piece will be created and recorded by Hélianthe musicians in June 2018. On this occasion, the composers will be invited to present their piece during the event.

The recordings and music paper will then be sent to the partner classes and sponsors who will have until June 2019 to send their votes via the platform available to them.

The results of this vote will be announced at a ceremony in June 2019.

Three Prize will be awarded: the two works having received the most votes from the students, and the sponsor awared

The three prize-winning composers will see their works published in the Selmer collection at Robert Martin and will receive an order for a composition to be created in 2020.

you are a composer

Compose a pedagogical work for solo or accompanied alto saxophone with a link to another artistic discipline lasting up to four minutes.

Try to win one of three prizes / orders for ensemble of saxophone(s) :

  • 1st prize is 1500€
  • 2nd prize is 800€
  • Sponsor award 800€

The three winning Pieces will be published by Robert Martin editions.

Check out the detailed rules and sign up

Submit your Music piece before April 1, 2018 with a registration fee of 10€ per piece.

You are a saxophone class

Organize the contest within your class

In any form you want, get each student to vote for their favorite piece.

saxophone classes, theoretical musical classes or other, listen, create, criticize, debate and make your choices! Each student and teacher has one vote and their vote will determine the 1st and 2nd prize of the contest.

You will be able to register on the competition platform from June 2018.

Registration fees (30€ up to 20 students, 50€ for more) give you access to the recordings and the music paper of the ten finalists (available for download from June 2018).

You will have until June 2019 to register your vote on the contest platform.


Soutenez-nous !

Participez au jury du concours et favorisez la création artistique !

The winners

1 - Mathieu Cepitelli - Quatre miniatures tango
pour saxophone alto, piano et danse
2 - Nicolas Even - A minima
pour saxophone alto et piano (ou accordéon)
Prix Hélianthe - Pascal Lorenzini - Sweet Burning Home
pour saxophone alto, percussion et vidéo
1 - Olivier Costa - Mégétal
pour saxophone alto, marimba et percussions
2 - Valentin Capdevila - Vers le large
pour saxophone alto, piano et vidéo
Prix du public - Valentin Capdevila - Vers le large
pour saxophone alto, piano et vidéo
1 - Vincent Balivet - Pandémonium
pour saxophone alto et bande ou ensemble rock
2 - Maria Mendoza - Devil's Dance
pour saxophone alto et piano
Prix du public - Lukas Emile Lerouge Emmanuel - Mystic Rave
pour saxophone alto et bande-son électro

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